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Croydon High Way WIP

* Work in progress * - Openstreetmap doesn't see permissive cycle routes on Ashburton Fields or Lloyd Park.

The high route in to Croydon. Albert Road, a bit of Waterlink Way, across Ashburton Fields and on to back streets.

Fryston Avenue (just before you get to the A232 Lower Addiscombe Road) is one-way - you'll have to walk that bit, but it's brief.

Then it's a very scenic little climb up Mapledale Road. From here you can get in to Lloyd Park and cycle along the top of the park, but for some reason this isn't working right now in the routing app.

After Lloyd Park it's a nice quiet back street route (Chichester Road) across to Park Hill Park and the Croydon Water Tower.

Then a nice downhill through Park Hill Park, when you exit the park there's a Toucan crossing & the pavement on the far side of the busy A232 is shared-use. So you don't have to cycle on the road there, and good thing too - it's not at all nice.

When you get to the bottom of the A232 by Fairfield Halls, you can either cross over and head in to the town centre, or turn right (north) along the front of Fairfield, take the next right by Croydon College and you'll come out opposite Dingwall Road.

From there there's a reasonably quiet/flat route back to South Norwood via Lansdowne, Gloucester and Holmesdale Roads.

For a shorter version of this route - after Lloyd Park, head straight down Park Hill Rise, along Canning Road and back through Addiscombe Railway Park, Ashburton Park, Woodside and Estcourt roads.

Ashburton Easy Loop

A nice easy flat four-miler taking in South Norwood Country Park, Bywood Bird Sanctuary, Ashburton Fields, Ashburton Park, Woodside Green and Brickfields Meadow.

Take care on Tennison Road when you come out the top end of Brickfields Meadow - it can be busy, but it's only very brief.

Snorewood to Farthing Down

Disclaimer: haven't ridden this yet. Well, bits of it.

Using a well trodden backstreets route from SE25 to central Croydon, then various minor roads to get over towards Farthing Down / Happy Valley / Chaldon.

Might be a less direct although more family friendly way out of town than the "Avenue Verte" (NCN20 which uses a busy "B" road through Woodmansterne), and easier terrain than the NCN21 south of New Addington.

Maybe a good way to access the Bletchingley - Outwood - Wivelsfield L2B route...

Pal Bal (North)

Northern route from Crystal Palace to Balham, using Palace Road LTN in Tulse Hill. Mostly backstreets apart from 50m of Norwood Road. Rosendale is OK on a Sunday - will be much better when Lambeth Healthy Route is finally finished.

Alternatively you can turn off Rosendale sooner on Idmiston Road - but that means a bit more of Norwood Road which is not very nice. I plan these routes to be usable with a kid of 9-10 on Sunday road conditions so I'll trade a longer section of back street to avoid main roads as far as possible.

Using Alleyn Road and the Clive Passage footpath (dismount for that probably) means you avoid the big roundabout at Gipsy Hill - there's a cycle track along the northern side of the roundabout.

Pal Bal (South)

Southern route from Crystal Palace to Balham via Streatham and Tooting Commons.

When you come down along the side of Streatham Common, turn on to the common itself before you get to the A23. Then cross the A214 & A23 as a pedestrian - or join the A214's ASZ/ASL box from the Common when the lights are all on red, and then turn right in to the bus lane before exiting on to Natal Road.

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