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Blackfriars fast flat

Fastish flattish route from Crystal Palace to Blackfriars Bridge.

Can take the road at Herne Hill or go through Brockwell park if preferred.

Eastcronx to Waterlink (Maximum Parklife)

Leisurely route from East Croydon to the Waterlink via Park Hill Park, Lloyd Park, Ashburton Fields.

Eastcronx to Waterlink (Railway Park)

Route from East Croydon to the Waterlink Way at South Norwood Country Park - fairly direct with a bit of main road, mostly quiet streets.

Cutty Sark to Surrey Quays

How to find an Overground train home to Crystal Palace, South Norwood, Penge, Anerley or Croydon after a day out on the Waterlink Way.

Lakes to Spring Park

A quiet route from South Norwood Lakes to Spring Park via Shirley Hills.

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