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Error uploading gpx files

2 Jan 2022
by leodig
in forum
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In the past few days, I always get the following error when I try to import a new gpx file in my repository (using Firefox v. 95.0.2): "Secure connection failed".

If I push on the "Retry" button, it doesn't work. I also tried other files (also generated by Cycle Travel itself), but I get the same error.

No chances to "accept" the unsecure connection and move forward with the import.

If I click on "More Information" button, Firefox just returns its standard generic security messages, so it is not clear the specific reason of the error.

Can you help? Any ideas how to solve?


Mon 3 Jan 2022, 23:05

That’s odd – it works fine for me with the latest Firefox (and with Safari too). Is anyone else seeing this?

Sun 9 Jan 2022, 12:02

Hi Richard, thank you for your feedback. I retried this morning after a full reset of Firefox (no update pending) but I still got the same error ("Connection with this site is not safe") with every input gpx file. Really strange I'm the only one with this problem... Hope in good news.