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Viewing elevation changes the route

Tuesday 6 April
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Strange behaviour on this route:

When I first open the route, it skirts west of Banbury:

But then if I open the elevation pane, my route changes. It now goes through Banbury. 


Tue 6 Apr, 21:58

There is an explanation but I agree it’s a slightly odd one!

When you click the elevation button, goes back to the routing server and says “give me this route again, but with elevation information”.

The issue here is that, since you originally planned the route, a new cycle path has been built beside the A361 between Bloxham and Banbury… and rates traffic-free, tarmac paths highly. So it now thinks that the best route between via points 7 (Edge Hill) and 8 (Hempton) is via this new path, and on re-fetching the route with elevation, it goes that way.

If you want to keep the previous route, you can just add an extra via point somewhere on the old line (e.g. at North Newington) and then open the elevation.

Wed 7 Apr, 11:27

Thanks Richard. 

If I wasn't watching closely, I might not notice that the route has changed. I'm not sure what the solution is here, but it's good to be aware that this can happen.