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Saturday 3 April
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Is there any way to add or force specific routes in the maps?. There are many paths not connected, missed or clasified as footpath (but cycleable) in the area where I live (Cádiz->Spain). Even uploading an specific route (.gpx), the route finally showed in the map is slightly different in some parts.  

Thanks for your feedback. 



Sun 4 Apr, 12:09

Yes!’s map data ultimately comes from OpenStreetMap – so if there’s something missing, you can log onto and draw in the missing sections. Or if there’s something classed as a footpath where bikes are allowed, you can select that path and set it to “bicycles allowed”. There’s a really helpful walkthrough in the OpenStreetMap online editor. takes an update from OSM about every month or so, so once you’ve made the change it’ll ultimately feed through to’s mapping and routing.