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Prioritise "Living Streets"

8 Sep 2020
by p25q
in forum
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Thanks for making such progress on a routing engine for cycling! I want to call a few OSM features to your attention. The tag highway=living street designates roads where cyclists (and pedestrians) have right-of-way over motor vehicles, and so are much safer. Similarly, motor_vehicle=destination implies access restrictions that give much lighter motor vehicle traffic, so I believe these roads should also get priority.

These features may already be implemented, and just weighted lighter than I would prefer. I figured I would check, since they don't seem to count as 'traffic-free' in the routing summary.



Tue 22 Sep 2020, 21:01

The good news is that motor_vehicle=destination already gets a special weighting! highway=living_street currently doesn’t but you’re right, it should. I’ll adjust that.