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Suggestions for Essex ON Canada

18 Jul 2019
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Hello CT, I really like the key objective of your site - which is intended to help cyclists find the best route on quiet lanes and cycleways. I would like to help where I see it needs improvement in Windsor & Essex County ON Canada (EC) - which is a location I know very well. There are some routes CT suggests for EC that too few cyclists would find suitable to their comfort level. Busy roads with too much traffic and very little safe space. For example, much of the route CT creates between 42.3005,-83.0765 and Lakewood Park, Tecumseh ON Canada should be avoided and detoured. There's a much more enjoyable & comfortable way to ride between those two points. Secondly, CT is missing some important cycling trails additions made recently for Windsor & Essex County ON Canada. How do I inform CT about where those problem sections are found (that it would want to avoid and detour around - to meet its comfort objective); how those sections should be detoured and improved (for higher enjoyment & comfort); and, about the key trail sections it's missing for this area? Thank you, Tom Omstead Canada