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Filter out certain types of path

Friday 4 January
by John S
in forum
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I've just discovered this site and I am really impressed but is there a way to filter out certain paths? For example, I am looking for circular routes suitable for racing bikes only... and it keeps giving me (for example) routes with unpaved paths; and some of the cycleways are not `compacted' (i.e. they're muddy footpaths better suited for horses or mountain bikes!).... if I could put this rule in only for x,y,z paths then it'd start to be really useful.


Sat 5 Jan, 07:42

Glad you like it! Unfortunately it’s not something that’s easily achievable with the way’s routeplanner works under the hood: there’s a full explanation in the FAQ. Could you give examples of the muddy footpaths it’s misjudging?

Wed 6 Feb, 11:30

Hi, unfortunately I can't recall what route I was looking at, only that I looked at photos of the path and it was really muddy (proper mountain bikes only). It's a shame you can't filter on the road type (now read FAQ!) but I hope you work towards something like that in future (would it be feasible to have a second database limited to only the non-muddy paths for a second check-box option? Just a though but I guess you've probably brainstormed all possible options!).

Thu 7 Feb, 12:02

It would be possible, just expensive - the database would need a second server and that’s another £50/month! But it’s something I’m keeping under review.

If you could remember the path that’d be really helpful – it shouldn’t route you along a mountain bike-only path in any event, so it’s probably a failing in the source OpenStreetMap data.