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3 Jun 2018
by Trevor
in forum
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I'm doing the PCW from North to South in a few weeks time. I have the pair of Sustrans north and south maps but apart from the names of towns and so on they don't seem to be enormously detailed. In the opinion of others who have done the route, should I also carry the OS maps for each section, or should I be okay with the Sustrans ones and rely upon the signage?

When doing the C2C a couple of years ago I felt that the signage was clear enough to not really need an additional OS map so if I can save on a bit of weight that would be ideal for my PCW trip (especially as it looks like a lot of individual OS maps).


Mon 4 Jun 2018, 09:56

I did the route with the Sustrans maps alone a few years back and it was fine. That said, these were the old-series Sustrans maps (three grey cover maps rather than two blue ones) which were a bit more detailed. I'd think you should be fine.

(You can always print out the routebook as a backup too!)

Sun 24 Jun 2018, 22:18

Many thanks. I guess I've also got the web if I can get a signal.

Just going through my maps and looking at accomodation options.Did you do the bit via Burnley or go straight between Hebden Bridge and Colne? Any comments on the route would be appreciated. I think I'll go the more direct route since it looks more scenic. Burnley doesn't look all that pretty to ride through. Any comments on campsites in this area would be much appreciated.