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using on a tablet

14 Jun 2017
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HI Richard

How do I use the drag route facility when using on a browser on a tablet?




Thu 15 Jun 2017, 09:25

Click somewhere on the route and you'll get the little popup balloon; choose 'Add via point'; and then you can drag the via point wherever you like!

Tue 25 Jul 2017, 10:22

Thks Richard. I think I found it by trial and error en route.

Your website has rapidly become my go-to pre-planned route planner. Used it extensively on my trip from Amsterdam to Copenhagen last month. I load the routes in to OSMAnd+ which I also use for on the fly routes. But yours are better :)

(Trouble is OSMAnd has become a real battery muncher) 

Now thinking and plotting routes for UK-Vienna via a lot of alps in Sept :)

So thank you.