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CS7 In London

5 Oct 2016
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Is there anyway the routing engine could be modified to treat CS7 a bit more favourably. Currently trying to get it to route along CS7 requires many additional VIA points as I think it's seeing it as an A road rather than a cycle superhighway


Fri 7 Oct 2016, 15:11

This is a difficult one! Yes, at present any primary A road (i.e. green on the map) deliberately doesn't get the 'bonus points' from being a Cycle Superhighway or having a painted bike lane. Broadly speaking you could call this the Bow Road Effect: when CS2 was nothing more than a few bits of paint on the road, and cyclists were frequently being injured (or worse), I was really anxious not to route people along there just because it had a few Cycle Superhighway markings.

CS2 has now been improved to a proper segregated route, of course, but CS7 is still the old style which is mostly just some paint in a bus lane. So I'm a bit reluctant to give it the full Superhighway bonus points. Any thoughts?

Wed 8 Feb 2017, 13:49

I am seeing this problem too - even as far as getting diverted down a tiny side street for a few metres only to rejoin CS7 again. Without lots (tens) of via points it's almost impossible to get a route in this case.

My thoughts are that when start and end points are far away then it's fair not to give CS7 additional weight, but when they are closer sticking to CS7 over side roads makes sense because the end route is bosh faster and simpler to navigate.