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Sunday 17 July
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Hello, just discovered this FABULOUS resource after determining that google maps does not do cycle routes in Europe. I am planning an Italy/Greece tour but Greece is not available. Any chance it will be added? If so, approximately when? Thanks!


Wed 20 Jul 2016, 11:37

Glad you like it! At present our webserver is bursting and doesn’t have capacity to add any more countries, I’m afraid, but towards the end of the year it’ll be up for replacement which will give us the chance to add Greece and other places people have asked for.

Wed 5 Oct 2016, 01:51

Good to hear! Thank you. I will check back in December/January. --Joe

Thu 6 Oct 2016, 16:07


I'm interested in camping. Is there a way to make campgrounds show up (as do hotels)? --Joe

Fri 7 Oct 2016, 14:48

Yes, definitely - from the main map, change 'Hotels' to 'Campsites' on the menu on the left, and you'll get campsites instead of hotels!

Sat 20 Jan, 22:17

Hello again Richard. I'm still super-interested in Greece. It shows as a map but I can't get it to function. Is it getting close? Thanks, Joe