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Routing on short steep segments

Monday 25 September
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Hi Richard, I think the routing is 99% perfect so that just leaves 1% to kvetch about 😄

I found that I was routed on this short, very steep stretch instead of either of the longer, shallower alternatives (which I don’t think are “busy roads”). Even with MTB gearing and no luggage, I had to push. 

Is this down to map resolution limitations or is it a conscious choice to prefer a shorter segment? I humbly propose that this steepness of road should be avoided — even for a 500 meter segment. 😁


Fri 29 Sep, 11:45

That’s pretty steep!

c.t does generally prefer a long way round to avoid very steep hills - Marin Avenue in Berkeley is the canonical case. I suspect the calculation is just falling the wrong side of the line in this case. I’ll take a look. 

Sun 1 Oct, 15:24