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Map refresh ?

17 Nov 2014
by monxton
in forum London
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Is a map refresh planned any time soon?

I noticed one place where a way had been mistakenly deleted in OSM, and reinstated about two months ago. The way is still missing in the map.  The router is very co-operative and fast in response to dragging the route, but I don't see a way to force it to take an apparently non-existent road.


Mon 17 Nov 2014, 00:49

(sorry, don't know how this turned up in London forum)

Thu 11 Dec 2014, 22:51

The map will be refreshing again as normal from early January - sorry for the wait. Adding Western Europe to the mix has meant that the routing calculations have outgrown what our webserver can cope with, so it has to be done off-site. Which is all well and good - except that the connection isn't fast enough to upload the new data in a sensible time! The connection's due for upgrade at the start of January and we'll be able to update again after that. Sorry for the delay.

Sat 31 Jan 2015, 19:04

Thanks, the routing problem is fixed now.

Mon 2 Feb 2015, 11:58

No problem. The routing preparation has just been overhauled (new server, new connection, new code!) which should mean it's more regular from now on.