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Navigate with the app (screen off)

Saturday 19 November
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I’m testing the iOS app. And I’m having an issue:

When I sleep my iPhone to save battery from the screen, it seams like the app stops alerting me on the route. Is this a bug? I’m guessing I’m not supposed to ride hours on with the screen turned on all the time?


Mon 21 Nov, 09:45

The app will do this for you automatically – choose ‘Dim between turns’ in App Settings, and it’ll dim the screen to black after each turn, and wake it up in time for the next one.

Mon 21 Nov, 11:56

And if I want both the dimming and the audio, is that maybe possible ?

Mon 21 Nov, 11:57

Oh my bad, the answer is "yes" it's in the settings :)

Mon 21 Nov, 17:22

I have been our testing today (walking because of snow)

My screen does not dim at any time :(

Mon 21 Nov, 22:25

Some of the behaviour of the app is different at slow speeds – it’s not really intended for walking navigation! Try it when the snow clears and let me know how you get on.