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Roads only option

25 Aug 2022
by JerryR
in forum
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Would be useful to have a road only option on the map.  So, for example, from Duffield to Buxton, would want the A6 selecting rather than paths or less busy roads. Do appreciate there are some roads not cyclist friendly or permitted and these should be excluded (i,e, motorways).  Not sure if it is possible but would save lots of point dragging for me.



Tue 30 Aug 2022, 12:35

The way works under the hood doesn’t really lend itself to lots of options I’m afraid – essentially each new option means renting an additional server (and servers are expensive!). As’s focus is quiet and traffic-free routes, I don’t have any plans to add a fast road option – sorry.

You might like to have a look at brouter, which is a very customisable route-planner and has both “Fast bike” and “Shortest” route options.