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iPhone app feedback

16 Aug 2022
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- During the quick tutorial at the beginning, tapping outside of the bubbles does nothing, and there is no skip button.

- Opening the app shows the quick tutorial every time.

- Opening the app outside of the coverage zone shows a map that just has a few isolines.

- Distances are displayed in miles, even though I already had my unit set to kilometres in the settings.

- When you are outside of the coverage zone, you get a blank map screen.

- Opening the map library shows my current position, not the position on the route. The 'different projections' problem sounds like it could be solved by running a mapproxy instance?


Fri 19 Aug 2022, 19:08

That’s super helpful – thank you.

The tutorial should vanish after the third time. I haven’t yet figured how to make the tutorial library (Instructions) dismiss itself on tapping outside.

Kilometres should be fixed in the latest version!