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GPX export turn by turn as waypoints

12 Aug 2022
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Hi. This is a feature request.

It would be really nice if there was an option on the GPX track export, to include the 'Turn by turn' instructions as GPX waypoints


  <wpt lat="50.314730" lon="-4.798340">
    <name>Follow the Pentewan trail</name>

I currently use an Android app called 'GPX viewer Pro' when cycling, which has the option to read GPX waypoints out loud. This allows me to hear the routing directions without needing the phone screen to be constantly turned on.

I can see that export does this for TCX export as Coursepoint notes but sadly the app that I use cannot import TCX files and I cannot find anything that can convert those to GPX and turn the Coursepoints to GPX waypoints.

Many thanks.