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Problems seeing elevation box on routes

Tuesday 12 July
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Not sure if this is just me being tech illiterate, but recently the search and directions box on my routes has gone from being at the left-hand side of the screen to the centre, covering the map. I've had a number of problems with this, but in particular I can't now work out how to see the elevation box if I need it. If I click on the icon the box comes up, but is obscured by the search and direction box, and the icon to close the search and direction box is in turn obscured by the elevations box, so I'm completely stymied! Is it possible to change the settings back to how I had them before, ie with the search and direction box on the left hand side, or is this new position now the default? 


Tue 12 Jul, 20:25

Nothing has intentionally changed! What device are you seeing this on: phone (which model?) or computer (which browser?)?