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Sunday 3 July
by Tim Bird
in forum
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Hi folks, I have been using for some time with KML routes. They have just released a new version  (1 July 2022) of for Andriod (V14.0.71348) and KML files will not load any more. The app appears to be asking for bookmarks in association with the track. The file downloads but shows as 0 bookmarks. I would welcome any suggestions. Cheers, Tim.


Sun 3 Jul, 14:27

I may have jumped the gun! 

I've just had a "bookmarks restored" message on my app. Previous routes appear to be on the maps, also newly created routes from that have just been downloaded. The updated app would appear to no longer have the option to select and deselect routes, all appear at the one time. Also, doesn't focus on a newly downloaded route, it stays on your current location. To check if the route is shown its necessary to move the map to the area of your newly downloaded route. 

Hopefully I have understood this correctly, I am always happy to be contradicted. NOT a computer or phone app expert by any stretch of the imagination. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into this site. Cheers, Tim.