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planning a route without knowing the destination

Friday 17 June
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My most usual way of planning a route is to start from home and then click on the map on what looks like appropriate roads. I have signed up today to get the ordinant survey access which looks great and I want to try this instead of ride with GPS. However it only seems possible to start planning a route where you put a destination in, which then comes up with a blue line on the map that may well be a route that I am not interested. So how do I start a route with a dot on the map and then allows me to click where I want to go? Particularly with the ordnance survey map I judge my ability as excellent in terms of choosing the route rather than the app to do it for me... If it is an area I don't trust the app better to choose the right route


Fri 17 Jun, 12:12

ignore, have worked out! 

Mon 20 Jun, 14:43

Glad you’ve sussed it!

Generally in an area I know well I find a kind of ‘hybrid’ approach works best – drop the occasional end-point but not many, and then drag the route back on-course if it’s chosen a different road to the way I want to go.