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Error Code 401

15 Jun 2022
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Hi Can anyone advise on a fix. I have recently added a new Garmin device to my collection I am not sure if there is a connection but I am now unable to  send routes to my device wirelessly. Also how do I update my Garmin Connect password  on CT. Many thanks Patrick 


Wed 15 Jun 2022, 21:43

This sort of thing is always hard to work out because it’s somewhere in the space between two different systems! But I’d suggest that, on, you go to ‘My bike’ then ‘Profile’.

You’ll see a section about ‘Login details’ which has details about your connected accounts. Click ‘Remove Garmin Connect link’. This will drop the link between and your Garmin Connect account.

Then go through the Garmin Connect setup again – i.e. try to send one of your routes to Garmin Connect, and it should prompt you to make the connection again. Hopefully that will fix it.