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Blocked routes nr Arques and Watten, France

Monday 13 June
by John Rowe
in forum
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Hi.  I don't know if this is the right way to report this but I used to cycle through France recently and after quite a few days of easy route finding we hit a few routing issues all on the same day on the final approach to Calais:

1) I was routed into an industrial estate near Arques and ended up facing a large locked gate with 'no entry/private land' signs.  This was the location froim Google Maps:  50.7381069842463, 2.331854874773019

2) A little further on near Malhove we were directed down a track off the minor road which just disintegrated into unrideable rubble.  Location - 50.75710131653925, 2.3016532020045775

3) We were routed through a campsite in Watten (Camping du Ranch Car) under the main road (D300) and then through a further area of chalets which had the exit back to the road gated off and impassible - location:  50.84178163797394, 2.2037142290559886  This invlved backtracking quite some way to rejoin the route again another way.

I hope that is helpful for those who maintain the maps.


Wed 15 Jun, 21:44

Thanks!’s base mapping data comes from OpenStreetMap. I’ve made these corrections and they’ll show up next time c.t takes an update from OSM. You can edit OSM yourself – all the data is supplied by volunteers – at