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GPX will not upload to OS Maps

Friday 10 June
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When I download a GPX of a route created in and try to upload into OS maps I get the following error message "Sorry... We're are unable to upload your Route right now. Please try again later."  Same issue no matter which route and when I try again later.  I have worked around by exporting to garmin connect and downloading a GPX from there for upload into OS maps.


Mon 20 Jun, 14:59

That sounds like a bug in OS Maps, I think.

A GPX track from just has the lat/lon values of the route (and elevation if that was showing when you downloaded it).

If you go via Garmin Connect then it puts some extra details in but they shouldn’t be necessary – things like a nominal time for each point along the way. I’m guessing that OS Maps is mistakenly expecting some of these to be present.

OS seem to know that this is an issue: on their updates page they say “we are working on some issues with certain GPX file types not being able to be imported into OS Maps”. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it soon.