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Search results and addresses

Tuesday 12 April
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Hi, as can be seen in the attached screenshot some search results have streetname/city/region addresses, others only have state. Why? what can I do to have streetname/city/region in a result? it's useful to distinguish between results with the same name.

Also, for the specific "parco delle cave" search, some results are missing: the first three are
but this should also be included

Finally, searching "parco delle cave brescia" returns only
but way/42317031 and relation/1446476 should also be included.

I'm an osm contributor and I'd gladly edit any of the above if needed, but maybe it can be "useful" to have that many corner cases for testing the search engine.

HUUUUUGE thanks for <3


Tue 12 Apr, 13:07

The place search is a third-party piece of software (called Photon) and it’s not really something I poke around with too much!

The missing city/region names, and the missing results for Brescia, are an issue with Photon and not something I can fix specifically for I’m afraid. But if it’s fixed in Photon then will pick that up.

That said, I think missing might be fixable – I’ll look into that and see what’s going on!