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Routing down the wrong side of the road!

Thursday 31 March
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I've just started using Cycle Travel and thought I'd try out a route to a mate to see how it went. There were one or two strange choices but the oddest was where it took me down the wrong side of the road on a one way cycle track! There is a cycle track on the other (correct) side so no idea why it did this unless it's a glitch in OSM data? Cyclists using cycle paths the wrong way is an increasing problem - a friend got knocked off in the dark by someone with no lights going the wrong way. Here's a screenshot of the offending section. You can see that the cycle route on the correct side is marked on the map


Thu 31 Mar, 18:45

Yes – it’s an OSM data issue. doesn’t know it’s one-way unless it’s marked as such in OSM. It looks like someone has literally just updated OSM in the last few days to mark this as one-way, so that will be reflected on c.t next time it takes a map update.

Sat 2 Apr, 14:10

OK, thanks for the site by the way, I'm finding it very useful.