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pdf issue

Wednesday 6 October
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I'm a massive fan of Cycle Travel and thought I'd try out the download pdf function for the first time, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me. 

When I click the pdf button I get the "Please wait while your pdf is prepared" message then after a few seconds another message pops up at the top which says: "Sorry, a technical fault prevented the PDF from being downloaded. Status: failed". I've tried different scales and different web browsers and switching my PC off and on! It did work once when I tried to download a cue sheet, but now that doesn't seem to work either.

I just wondered if you had any idea what the problem might be?


Wed 6 Oct, 12:09

I should also say that I've tried several different journeys with no luck.



Wed 6 Oct, 22:07

A side-effect of the LetsEncrypt browser issue that was doing the rounds a few days ago! It should be working again now.

Thu 7 Oct, 15:57

It is! Thank you!