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Longer first day means shorter second one

Friday 1 October
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I’m using journey planner to get from st malo to Barcelona and want to take it easy on the first day. Generally we’re looking at 120km per day.  But the half distance that the systems chooses for the first day is far too short as that bit of coast is dead flat - and with the wind.  

If I adjust the first overnight to add 25km the planner doesn’t recalibrate the rest of the route it just nicks it off the following day which in the case will be 25 shorter.

Is there no way to adjust the first day and then recalibrate the remains der?  (This would also be the case if you adjust a way point where you want to stay - or if you have to travel further, or shorter then expected one day.

Any thoughts.

I’m thinking the addition of a first day last day mileage box would solve the first problem and an update overnights button the becomes lice if you adjust any of the crescent moons...

other than that I love this!!  Let’s just see if it gets us to Barcelona in one piece!!! 


Fri 1 Oct, 14:25

Sorry typos...

 any thoughts?

becomes live - not lice!