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Routing on forest roads using OS overlay.

25 Sep 2021
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Hi everyone.  

Is there a way I can plan a route using forest roads that appear on the OS overlay that don't appear on the map overlay?

I am finding the OS overlay really useful but I can't always take advantage of the additional detail when planning routes.  For example there's a forest road west of the the Falls of Shin in Scotland (57.9603,-4.408) that I can add to my route, but the roads in the Linsidemore Wood, just  to the west (57.9609,-4.4795), don't appear on the map and are ignored with the route continuing along the A837.

Please forgive me if I'm missing something simple or misunderstanding how I should be using routing .

Many thanks, Richard. 


Sat 25 Sep 2021, 18:47

The OS mapping is just background mapping I’m afraid – it doesn’t change the routing at all. (OS currently only offers routable path data in National Parks, and even then it’s impractically expensive.)

You can manually draw a straight line between any two via points by choosing the ‘Go direct’ option, but that won’t let you plan anything more wiggly than that. Ultimately the best option, I guess, is to add the forest roads to OpenStreetMap (which c.t uses as its source data), and then they’ll be available at the next c.t routing update. Marking something as a ‘track’ with ‘bicycles permitted’ is probably the best way to map forest roads in Scotland.