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No overnight accommodation in Quebec, Canada?

Monday 29 March
by Limablu
in forum
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Discovered your website via a Facebook Group recommendation.  I've only experimented a couple minutes with it so far.  Seems very interesting, thanks!  I was wondering why there were no overnight accommodations suggestions along RV1 between Lévis, QC, Canada and Rimouski, QC.   I assure you that there are plenty.  Thanks

Steve Byrns


Mon 29 Mar, 20:18

It seems to work ok for me – if I plan a route between the two and click “Find hotels and campsites near route”, I get a lot of locations showing up. Is that not the same for you?

Tue 30 Mar, 02:39

Hi Richard,  

Hotels show up (my bad) but the campings don't show up.  There are about 10 along this route.

Tue 30 Mar, 02:40
Tue 30 Mar, 02:40

That's an image from a Google search.

Tue 30 Mar, 22:21

Ah, I think I can see what the issue is. I’ll see what I can do!

Wed 31 Mar, 10:50

Should be fixed now.

Wed 31 Mar, 14:33

Yes!  Thanks Richard!