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Dragging Route on Android Phone

Tuesday 9 June
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I have just created a new route using the Chrome web browser on an android phone - route is over 100miles long. It doesn't follow the path I want for part of the route i.e. it doesn't go on the national cycle network for sections of the route. Is it possible to drag the route to change it on an android phone? I have even connected a bluetooth mouse to get a pointer on the phone screen, but trying to drag the route just scrolls the screen. Note: My guess it can't be done until you do an android app, but who knows :)


Tue 9 Jun, 15:07

Errr sorry

I've just tried this again and it works. Last time I connected the mouse after I created the route and this time I used the mouse to create the route and then dragged it on to the NCN when it deviated. 

Wed 10 Jun, 15:34

On a phone, you can double-tap the map to add a via point which you can then drag – does that work?