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No-go point on a regular B-road

Monday 4 May
by Huw Who
in forum
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There's one point on the B3001 near me which refuses to route through.

It's just a perfectly normal B-road.

I've shown the problem in this route, with start and finish points a short distance either side of the no-go point:

The selected route is a 4-mile-long detour!

Anyone have any idea why (and what I can do to fix the problem)?



Tue 5 May, 10:29

An OpenStreetMap mapper has put stiles on the road! won’t route over stiles.

I’ve just moved the stiles off the road and onto the paths where they should be, so next time c.t takes an update from OSM, it’ll route through there again.

In the meantime you could use the ‘Go direct’ option between two via points to short-circuit it!

Wed 6 May, 10:58

Fab, thanks Richard.

Problem solved **and** I've learnt about the "Go direct" option :)