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17 Apr 2014
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Download a aq route as a GPX file?

Control the scale more precisely when creating PDF?

A long route will go over too many pages.


Thu 17 Apr 2014, 22:09

You can download a GPX file by clicking the little GPS-shaped icon on the routeplanner (you'll have to save it first).

Scale - there's only the three options at the moment but there's no reason I couldn't add more; what sort of scale would you find helpful?

Fri 18 Apr 2014, 08:31

Thanks for this response. I thought that little icon was a mobile phone!

Can I upload a gpx file?

 I would find it very useful if I could tailor the pdf map to an integral number of A4 pages.

(this would only be possible if you worked out, from the frame of the route, the projected size of the pdf in A4 sheets, and you were then able to adjust the scaling factor to fit.--- may not be possible)  

The pdf map is very good, the best print out from a mapping site I have seen, but the pdf of prints only on 3 and a fragment of A4, it would be nice to get it onto 1sheet.

This is a very nice site by any account.

Mon 2 Jun 2014, 14:05

I've successfully transferred my planned route (track) to my Garmin dakota 20 and it shows a highlighted trace on the installed map which I can cycle to.  However if I want to use the navigation (turn by turn instructions + audible beep) facility so that I don't have to be concentrating on the map rather than the road, I understand that the 'track' needs to be converted to a 'route'.  From various web searches I understand that this is possible, but I fear beyond my capabilities to do.  Is there a way that your routes could be downloaded in a ready made sat nav form or, failing that is there a user friendly way of converting them available for computerphobes like myself. Susan Gameson 

Mon 2 Jun 2014, 20:18

You could try the converter at

I think it can do what you need, but I don't have a GPS so am not sure.

Wed 4 Jun 2014, 01:06

I'll take a look! It may only work on shorter routes (I think the Dakota has a limit of 250 points in a route) but it should be possible.

In the meantime I've added support for TCX files - these are used by newer Garmins and give real turn-by-turn directions. Would be interested in any feedback from people who use these.