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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

3 Dec 2019
by HugoP
in forum
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Just have to say I've planned a long 60m route, saved & uploaded to my new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt as TCX Course file & everything works fine. The turn-by-turn routing is clear, accurate & vastly better than the RidewithGPS app recommended by Wahoo.  Well done Cycle.Travel


Thu 5 Dec 2019, 16:46

That’s really encouraging - thanks! I’ll put a note on the download screen to suggest that TCX courses are the best format for Wahoo units.

Tue 14 Jan, 17:18

I've uploaded TCX courses to Wahoo Elemnt Roam and after 15 cues all the remaining cues are shown as the same distance. Am I doing something wrong?

Wed 15 Jan, 15:06

Hm, that seems odd. Could you give an example route where this is happening?

Sat 18 Jan, 10:29

Hi Richard, Here is an example but it occurs on all my routes:

Sat 18 Jan, 15:26

I think this is probably a bug with the Wahoo. Looking at the TCX file I can’t see anything that would indicate that. It might be relevant that your route crosses over itself round about the 15th cue point… I wonder if the Wahoo is getting confused and thinking you’re on the return leg rather than the outbound, or something like that. Worth trying a firmware update on the Wahoo to see if it’s fixed (they appear to push out bug-fixes fairly often!).

Thu 23 Jan, 10:52

Hi Richard,

Thank you for trying to assist. It has nothing to do with routes crossing over as I tried it with non-crossing routes with the same problem.

I have experimented and discovered that the problem arises when I tick the box announce turns in advance. By clearing this tick the download works fine.

Problem solved!

Fri 24 Jan, 10:25

Ah, that’s great – thanks for letting me know. I’ll experiment with the “announce turns” option and see if I can figure out what’s going on there!