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Only from the Start?

Monday 29 July
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Apologies if this has been raised before.  

I seem to have an issue where by if I don't start the guidance as I begin a ride and decide to load the course when I'm say, 10 miles into the ride the course isn't able to catch up.  The screen of my Garmin 520 Plus will only display the first guidance instruction and won't progress to where I actually am.  Is there any way around this?  Or is it simply that I must start guidance as I begin my ride?

Other than that I rather like, so simple to create a route... 


Tue 30 Jul, 17:56

Not sure – it’s a Garmin issue rather than a issue. I’ve seen reports that if you just keep going for 30 seconds then the Garmin will give in and fast-forward to the right place, but haven’t tested it!

Tue 30 Jul, 21:14

Thanks for the reply.

I'll give it a go...