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27 Jun 2019
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There are 3 suggestions that I have, after 1 year of frequent using your app.

1. Waypoints 

It would be nice if waypoints in the route (like the numbered points) can be exported in an GPX file so that they appear as waypoints in Garmin Basecamp and Garmin devices. 

In the pop up menu, an item 'Add as waypoint' could be added, and the numbered waypoints could have a slightly different appearance. 

2. Multiple routes

From a folder you can see multiple routes in one view, but not on the main map which provides more detail. Would that be possible, you have a better view on alternative routes. In combination with previous, you can mark the points where routes intersect, so that while following a route, you know at what points you can switch to another route.

3. Multiple routes handling (removal / move to folder)

A function to remove multiple routes in 1 go / to move multiple routes to a folder would be a small but great addition.



Tue 28 Jul, 18:50

I'm with you, Ben!

I've added a lot of waypoints to the route, editing text for my needs, then I downloaded the gpx....surprise! no waypoints were in the file!! 
Hoping in future development.


Tue 28 Jul, 19:35

Sorry Johan and Fabio – I hadn’t spotted this before! I’ll try and get suggestion 1 done.