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Few suggestions on the route planner and the travelogue

Wednesday 9 May
by Fede
in forum
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Hi Richard,

Just few suggestions for this already excellent (!!!) site.

1. Multi-day trips: mark approximate day ends on the path, which would help in
   planning the stays for the nights. Also make the days ends suggested
   by default "movable" by the user, in case one thinks (s)he will do
   differently (e.g. because one knows a city would need X hours to be
   visited or so), with the subsequent day ends recomputed as a function
   of the previous ones. I do not have ideas on how hard this could be to
   The computation of the day ends can be based on the average speed in the
   preferences, but it would be great if this could also accounts for
   changes in speed due to slopes.
   Are slopes already included in the route planning? If not, given the
   availability of the journey profiles perhaps the slope information
   can simply be used a posteriori to compute the travel time, maybe
   even based on some additional user preferences of e.g. the expected
   relative speed change vs. slope. What do you think?

2. Travelogue
   a) How can one delete a post? I feel pretty dumb not managing to
   do it, there must be a way I am missing. I have inserted a "This is a test"
   post and now I am unable to delete it or to title-modify it. :)
   b) As far as I understand, travelogue posts can be linked to a journey only
   if the latter is public. It would be nice to remove this restriction, and
   keep posts linked to private journeys also private. This would
   allow to quickly edit posts while traveling with e.g. images and few lines,
   revise and refine them once the trip is over, and only then disclosure
   them to other people (if wished). Would this make sense?

3. Minor: in the "Journeys" list, the lengths are always in miles even if the
preferences are set to show the distance in km. I agree the preference is inicated
only for the route-planner, but it would be nice if the "Journeys" list could comply
with that as well.

Many thanks!