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Small feature request: ignore accents in name suggestions?

Tuesday 8 May
by Fede
in forum
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Hi Richard,

Quite a detail: is it possible to have accents ignored in the name suggestions, for instance in the "From:" and "To:" fields?

For people living in France and typing with a US keyboard, it would be quite a relief if e.g. "Chambery" could be completed to the "right" one without having to change keyboard config to type it ;)

Many thanks in advance!


This site is soooo good! I wish I had discovered it at least a couple of years back, instead of struggling with other "tools".


Sun 13 May, 10:26

Definitely agree! The placename autocomplete is actually not a piece of software I’ve written - it’s a third-party component called Photon - so to some degree we’re in the lap of its developers. But I’ve suggested a change to them which I think will fix this: hopefully they’ll be able to incorporate it. 

(And glad you like the site!)

Mon 14 May, 15:55

Thank you Richard! I will cross fingers for your fix to be deployed soon. :)