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Additions to the route profile display

Friday 20 April
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When plotting a route, and enabling the route profile display (i.e. the graph that shows the undulations of the route) you can move the mouse cursor left/right, over the profile, and have a red line show you position on the profile. 

It would be quite helpful to have the distance and altitude displayed as a tooltip, and have these values update to reflect conditions at the cursor position.

Maybe this feature already exists, and I've overlooked it?


Fri 20 Apr, 17:19

That’s a good idea - will have a go at adding it. 

Tue 8 May, 17:53

Also, it would be nice to have the option to display the slopes (%) even in the 2D plot, e.g. by filling the area underneath the profile with the same colours as in the 3D plot. It would be nice to add a scale as well, to interpret the colours, both for the 2D and 3D plots.

BTW, this is a fantastic route finding tool, accurate in following bike path and very easy to use. Much much better than any I have tried out there, and I have tried many.

Thank you!