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Feature request: Add possibility to draw a track in a pathless area

Saturday 3 February
by Holger
in forum
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Hi, it would be nice to have the possibility to draw a track in a pathless area. This would be helpful in areas that are not fully covered in OSM (like the Bavarian Forest). Example:

There is indeed a small path between the via-points 2 and 3 but I have found no solution in to draw my track directly between these two waypoints (as the path is missing in OSM). So instead of 200 m pushing I got a 2 km detour. (I will look for someone who can insert the path to OSM, but unfortunately it is not the only example.)

Best regards, Holger


Tue 6 Feb, 12:08

Understood! It's something I'd like to do, probably by adding an option to say 'Go directly to next routing point'. But it's not trivial – it'll probably require a few changes to OSRM (the underlying routing engine) and that's never a walk in the park. Looking into it and hope to be able to implement this at some point.

Mon 19 Feb, 18:39

Hello Richard,

thank you very much for your answer. I'm looking forward to the new feature.

By the way thank you very much for your work. The more I use the more I like it.

Best regards, Holger