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Routing error in Radstock

21 Aug 2017
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Hi Richard, 

I've noticed an error when trying to create a route along NCN24 near Radstock, where I can't force it to use the cycle route. See:




Mon 21 Aug 2017, 13:07


It looks like the element of the route there is marked as a construction. If the road is finished it should have the correct Type attribute ( residential, track cycleway etc.) and access (foot, cycle etc.). Maybe, if you have local knowledge, you could update it?



Mon 21 Aug 2017, 14:53

OK, thanks - no I don't have local knowledge, just trying to plan a route.

Mon 21 Aug 2017, 17:20


According to OS it the cycleway joins Meadow View so something isn't correct. I'll check it out next time I'm in the area.

Cheers /G