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Routing issue

17 Aug 2017
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Hi Richard,

Fantastic website I use regularly for both weekly rides and longer tours. Many thanks

Previously when I have found it impossible to make a route, either road or bridleway, I have worked out what the issue is with the base map and corrected it on OpenStreetMap. Today I came across a problem on Preston Guild wheel, where I have successfully made routes previously (E.g. Today's issue appears to be a barrier marked as a stile ( I've edited the barrier to mark is as allowed access by bicycle, which I hope will fix it, but am perplexed having looked at the history of the map element, which has been there for two years. I'm questioning whether I fixed it or would something else be blocking the routing?

Cheers and thanks for your time,



Thu 24 Aug 2017, 14:47 now (since the last routing update) refuses to route through stiles – they’re not really passable by bike except the lightest carbon fibre machine that you could lift over it, and by definition a route with a stile is not one you want to ride a carbon fibre bike on!

I think what’s shown on that example would be better tagged in OSM as barrier=cycle_barrier – will route through that fine (though it’ll apply a slight penalty, because no-one likes dismounting for those flipping barriers).

Fri 25 Aug 2017, 15:27


Thanks for the explanation - seems fair enough and I agree they are a pain. Hopefully on the next routing update it will work again. It'll be interesting to see how many routes get broken by the change, which is correct, so requiring map corrections. /G