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First bug reports?

26 Nov 2013
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Great to see you up and running. When using Twitter auth, one is returned to the home page, not your previous location. 

Any plans for responsive design, given a presumed lean towards a mobile user base? 

All the best - a very handsome site. 



Tue 26 Nov 2013, 16:37

I'm impressed - feedback within 15 minutes of going live! Good spots: I'll take a look at the Twitter auth (Twitter itself likes to have a set page to return to, I think, but it might be possible to remember the previous page via cookies).

The base design is responsive - resize the home page (for example) and you should see the columns shrink and grow accordingly. But there's doubtless more to do and I'd be interested to hear of any particular pages/sections that are hard to use on a mobile device.

Tue 26 Nov 2013, 23:20

I think you need to look at responsively reducing the number of columns on the home page. I'll look into it in more detail and drop you a line. 

I also managed to get an odd error on the forum earlier (request was neither a GET nor POST), but have not managed to recreate. 

Tue 26 Nov 2013, 23:23

Ah, and can I edit/delete my own posts? 

Wed 27 Nov 2013, 00:37

It should have been reducing the number of columns... but there was a missing <viewport> tag. I’ve just added that and it should now work as intended.

Edit/deleting posts and comments – not yet but it’s high up the list!

Wed 27 Nov 2013, 12:22

Much better. Home page looking really inviting.