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Bury reunited by new cycle bridge

9 Apr 2014 infrastructure Bury St Edmunds
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A new cycle and pedestrian bridge has been installed over the notorious A14 in Bury St Edmunds, reuniting two halves of the town separated by this busy road.

The bridge is designed to provide pedestrians and cyclists with improved access to Bury Town Centre, connecting the residential area on the south of the A14 at Thingoe Hill, with the industrial estate on Northgate Avenue. It was lowered into place overnight at the weekend, with crowds gathering to watch the cranes do their work.

Councillor Graham Newman from Suffolk County Council said:

“I’m glad to see this fantastic new bridge finally come to fruition. The connection between one side of Bury with the other is currently made difficult with the A14 running through the town. This bridge will provide a quick and safe link for pedestrians and cyclists to get into town, and I’m confident that many people will reconsider their mode of transport when they realise just how quick and convenient their journey can be.”

The £1.5m bridge is not yet open for use, pending work on the approaches and the installation of new lighting. The opening date has not been confirmed but is expected to be later in April.

However, local Green councillor Julia Wakelam told the East Anglian Daily Times that she was sceptical: “It’s a huge amount of money. If we’re going to spend this amount of public money, it’s got to work for that money – we can’t create a white elephant of a bridge.” Other residents told the paper they thought it was “clumsy” and “unnecessary”.

Meanwhile, £1.5bn is to be spent on the A14 in nearby Cambridgeshire to make motorists’ journeys shorter.

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