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Chippy quiet cycle route: Station Rd to West St

text coming soon..

Chippy quiet cycle route: West St to Trinity Retail Pk

This takes bikes and pushchairs from the Town Hall to Holy Trinity and the retail park (M&S, Costa etc), by roads that are traffic free and not too steep. Two short inclines and a couple of of other sections where you'll need to walk your bike.

Head up through Hitchmas Mews (1) and straight across Albion St (2).

Turn left along Foxfield (3), cross Wards Rd (4), then via Rowell Way (5) and right into Cooper Cl (6).

Turn right into Cooper’s Sq (7), but head left through the cut-through (8) into Rock Hill (9).

Walk through the pedestrian cut-through on the right (10) into Summerton Pl, and then turn right up London Rd (11).

After Holy Trinity Church and School on the right, you’ll reach Trinity Retail Pk on the right (12)

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