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Berwick to Gateshead

13 Jul 2022
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The idea to ride from Berwick back down the coast has been on my bucket list for some time now, having visited Berwick and many of the coastal towns along the north east coast and seeing some of the beautiful scenery around those areas.

So on Sunday afternoon after checking the weather forecast I decided Monday would be the day. 

I checked train times and prices and booked my seat, and bike space, on the 09:53 train from Newcastle to Berwick. 

I prepared my bike and all the tools and spares that I thought that I'd need for the journey. I usually just take two bottles and fill my saddle bag and jersey pockets with everything I need. But never having done these roads and not knowing where I might be able to refill fluids or get food I decided to also take my small reservoir on my back for extra fluids and tool space.

Monday morning I cycled to the train station in Newcastle which is only 10 minutes away, 4.5km. The train ride was quick and pleasant and so easy to store my bike. 

I left the train station and began to cycle, following the instructions on my Garmin. 

Berwick upon Tweed is such a beautiful town and the roads leaving were nice and quiet.  

I deviated slightly from the original route on this site at the start near Spittal as I wanted to stay on the roads and not take any rough or unpaved paths. 

The route was fairly flat considering the distance and there weren't really any big climbs although the elevation mounted up over the course of the ride.

I stopped at a great cafe for lunch in Longhoughton called the Running Fox and the lady there was so accommodating and helpful, offering to fill my water bottle with fresh water and ice which was massively appreciated as it was such a hot day!

I continued along the route taking in all the beautiful scenery until I got to South Shields were again I deviated slightly from the course as I didn't want to head into Newcastle but instead to Gateshead.

I used the Tyne pedestrian tunnel to get over the river to Jarrow the onto Gateshead. 

On the whole I really enjoyed the ride, the only downside was it was slightly too windy, a headwind too, and also really hot! But not much you can do about that.

I'd really recommend anyone to give it a go though, enjoy!