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Brompton shakedown circular ride

14 Feb 2022
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A break in the stormy weather and a chance to test my new six speed Bromptom. Starting with a gentle and mostly flat ride following the Royal Military Canel through the marsh and leading to Hythe for a quick cup of tea. A chance to people watch and on a clear day view France in the distance. 

Now a slow steep grind out of Hythe, winding up through Etchinhill towards Rhodes Minnis. Great views along the way, a chance to catch your breath and take on some water. I stop to check the map and get approached by an elderly lady checking that I'm OK. She compliments me on the funny looking bike with it's small wheels :)

Now it's time to speed down the hills, narrow country lanes, watching out for numerous pot holes along the verge. Nearly home, I can hear the noise of the M20 in the distance. One final push up into Aldington and I'm done. A great ride on a classic bike, I'm still smiling from ear to ear.


Sun 3 Apr 2022, 12:36

I've recently bought a Brompton myself, six speed too. I find that it's difficult not to smile. I am however still getting used to the slightly confused and bemused looks from observers :)