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Chepstow to Tintern Railway Cycle path update 2021

6 Oct 2020
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The Wye Valley cycle path has indeed taken a huge leap forward in the spring of 2021 with the opening of the tunnel that links a section of the path from just outside of Chepstow all the way to Tintern.  Great efforts from volunteers, cooperation from Forestry England and investment from business has seen this pathway open with a graded surface for much of the route.  The tunnel is the highlight of the route, very atmospheric and with wildlife in mind, the tunnel is an important habitat for several species of bat, the lighting is deliberately subdued.  Lights off when you go through please.  Once in Tintern there are several routes to choose from including one that goes up to Monmouth and picks in the Peregrine Trail to Symonds Yat.  Fantastic day out!


Mon 20 Mar 2023, 10:04

Don't forget to check the opening and closing times for the tunnel section of the route.  It closes at night and during the entire winter months.