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Lejog using the 'easy east coaster'

25 Sep 2020
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A friend and I have just finished Lands End to John O groats using the easy east coast route. We took it leisurely aiming to do an average of just 50 miles a day so we could stop and explore along the way. This worked well, despite being the wrong side of 60 neither of us ever felt exhausted or reticent to cycle the next day, even after two consecutive days of 70 and 60 miles. The route was excellent, although there was one occasion in Cornwall when it routed us on a private track. I'm afraid to say we trespassed, but happily with no consequence. Closer to John O groats we met several others who had come via the more usual west coast route and had suffered several extremely wet days . By contrast we had only one drenching day and that was in Devon. Scotland, amazingly, was completely dry. We also had less wind than those on the west. We would thoroughly recommend this route for those who have time & want to tour for the joy of experiencing a country and its people. In these covid times, despite what the media is constantly feeding us, we found everyone extremely welcoming, behaving sensibly & working hard to maintain their businesses and lives as normally as possible. It restored some faith in this beleaguered country and its people. 


Sat 12 Dec 2020, 21:00

Thanks for the review of this ride Clare. I'm hoping to do LEJOG next year and am gradually coming to the view that the East coast may suit me better rather than the long, and sometimes poorly surfaced, canal tracks of the Midlands. Hopefully Covid will be in retreat next year and allow unrestricted travel. 

Wed 19 May 2021, 19:23

Yep, thanks Claire - am thinking of doing this route this year, so the feedback was really helpful.