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Maplewood to Gravois & River des Peres Greenways

Saturday 11 February
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This is a quiet route for a pleasant ride via three greenways and popular bike lanes. This route begins at the Maplewood Schnucks parking lot (park close to Manchester Road, you'll see the signs in Schnucks parking where not to park past).

Cycle Travel seems to pick Manchester Road too frequently for rides in this area. Instead, we head south instead of west along Manchester Road.

NOTE: I recommend heading out the back of the parking lot, to Oakview Terrace, which becomes Marshall Avenue rather than exiting onto Manchester. Unfortunately, the mapping software won't allow me to route this suggestion. Also, Marshall Avenue is far less busy than Sutton Boulevard (which would otherwise make more sense as an exit for Schnucks - also, Manchester Road can be silly at Sutton Blvd).

You can continue on Deer Creek from East Pacific Avenue. However, that means coming down Rock Hill Road, which can be quite busy, and the climb up to Lockwood (the old Webster Groves train station) is rather steep (6.2%).

We are not on West Lockwood Ave long, which is one of the most popular bike lanes in the area. Still, we bypass the church area and parking mess. Be sure to use care crossing West Lockwood to Hollywood Place. You can take the left to Holmes off West Lockwood Avenue (before it becomes East Adams Avenue). However, there has been construction here and taking the left at North Sappington Road is safer and lower stress.

Then we are on to Gravois Greenway (Grant's Trail) for its entirety. There are some lovely sections on this bike path. Grant's Farm is a highlight, but farther south there are segments of lovely tree cover and a marsh restoration area. When we reach River des Peres greenway, we'll head north. Heading south takes you to the southern Mississippi Greenway, past the River City Casino (link to that route coming shortly).

Heading north on River des Peres Greenway, you have the option of crossing Germania Street, immediately after passing under I-55) to reach Carondelet Park (link to that route coming shortly). River des Peres Park is a highlight here. Willmore Park is just across the River des Peres drainage channel. To get there, simply don't cross where the River de Peres Extension meets, but rather follow Germania Street (it can be quite busy, so take care).

The remainder of the ride is pretty straight forward. Use care at the Landsdowne Avenue and Wellington Court crossings. The latter is by a busy railroad facility (BNSF) and the Wellington/Ellendale intersection was changed from a Stop to a Yield and back to a Stop.